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With 15 years of hands-on experience in implementing IT systems for the financial industry, Philico is a dynamic consulting firm that has earned a strong reputation. Our expertise lies in understanding complex technologies and providing customized solutions that drive growth and efficiency.

We're pleased to introduce a new addition to our services: Artificial Intelligence. At Philico, we strongly believe that AI holds immense potential to unlock a world of possibilities for businesses of all kinds.That's why we specialize in conducting comprehensive assessments to identify your specific requirements. Through careful analysis and thoughtful consultation, we assist you in discovering opportunities for AI integration that can bring significant improvements to your operations, enhance decision-making processes, and enhance overall performance.

Partnering with Philico means gaining access to a dedicated team of experts who can navigate you in the AI landscape. We will work closely with you to develop a customized AI strategy that aligns seamlessly with your goals, ensuring meaningful impact and sustainable growth.

Additionally, we're excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new Chat based AI tool designed for effortless knowledge extraction. Utilising advanced natural language processing, it swiftly analyses text and documents, delivering concise and accurate summaries of essential information while prioritising data security and privacy.

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“The Philico Spirit”

As a Partner of Philico, my expertise lies at the intersection of IT and the financial industry. My dedication to professional growth is evident through my certifications as a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIAA) and Project Management Professional (PMP). Over the course of 15 years, I have navigated the complexities of the financial sector, gaining a deep understanding of its nuances and challenges. Furthermore, my acquired experience and expertise have empowered me to take a leadership role in driving transformative IT projects. I have successfully managed and executed projects that have bridged the gap between traditional practices and cutting-edge technological advancements.
In acknowledgement of the evolving landscape of the IT industry, I realised the immense potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to completely transform and reshape various aspects of our world. Leveraging my IT background, financial acumen, and a deep-rooted understanding of client needs, I have spearheaded the establishment of the AI pole at Philico. This strategic initiative is aimed at harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to provide unparalleled insights, predictive analytics, and automation solutions that empower our clients to adapt and thrive in their evolving ecosystems.

Fabien Roth
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Are you ready to embark on an exciting and rewarding career journey? We are thrilled to invite passionate individuals like you to become part of our dynamic team. At Philico, we believe in fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. We are continuously expanding, and we recognise that our greatest asset is our people. We are seeking talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to contribute to our success. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate, we have opportunities for everyone to thrive and make a meaningful impact.

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Cutting-Edge Projects

Join us in working on groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of technology and innovation.

Collaborative Environment

We believe in the power of teamwork and provide a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages idea sharing and creativity.

Professional Development

Your growth matters to us. We offer various training and development programs to help you enhance your skills and reach new heights in your career.

Work-Life Balance

We value your well-being, and we strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance for all our team members.

Global Reach

Be a part of a company with a global presence, connecting with talented professionals from around the world.

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We can't wait to learn more about you! Send your CV today to info@philico.com and let's start this exciting journey together. Tell us about your experiences, aspirations, and what makes you stand out from the crowd. We carefully review each application and are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to add to our team.
At Philico, we believe in shaping a brighter future together. Join us and be a part of something remarkable. We eagerly await your application! 

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