Test our advanced Chatbot

Experience the next level of text enhancement with our advanced AI solution. Establishing a comprehensive knowledge base within your documentation infrastructure enables users to swiftly and conveniently retrieve all internal information via an intuitive Chatbot interface. Philichat not only responds to questions but it also provides the sources of its answer. This efficient process guarantees accuracy and productivity, effortlessly revealing valuable insights and promoting business growth.
To help you get started with PhiliChat, we've loaded it with essential Swiss legal information, including:

  • The Swiss Civil Code
  • the Swiss Criminal Code
  • The Swiss Code of Obligations

This means that PhiliChat can provide you with clear and concise information from these important legal documents whenever you need it. Whether you're a legal expert or just curious about Swiss law, our AI is here to help you understand and synthesise the information you're looking for from these legal texts. Give it a try, and let PhiliChat simplify your exploration of Swiss internal law!
Not only legal documents can be handled by PhiliChat, but all kinds of textual inputs, transforming your documents into intelligent knowledge agents.
And in order to make the most of PhiliChat with your own knowledge base, the deployment plans that can be adopted are the following: